The mufflers and the exhaust are two closely related parts of the vehicle’s exhaust system that motorist often confuse their functionality. The mufflers and the exhausts are structurally different but work together to ensure there is little or no noise and gas pollution to the environment in Vicksburg, MS.

The exhaust process of any vehicle is usually noisy and produces a lot of toxic gases. The mufflers are comprised of chambers and partitions designed to absorb the excess sound produced from the engine’s combustion chamber. The muffler is strategically located between the exhaust and the tailpipe.

The exhaust system will eliminate the toxic gases and ensure the gas that leaves at the tailpipe is safe. It is comprised of a series of pipes designed to direct the exhaust gases out via the mufflers to the tailpipe. Inside the exhaust pipes are catalytic converters that break down the gasses into less hazardous elements.

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