Now that your teen has her driver’s license, it’s time to purchase her first vehicle. Understandably, parents are nervous about their teens on the highway, but the Chrevolet Trax comes with state-of the-art technology that aids your teen while behind the wheel. Its Teen Driver Technology features can automatically activate some safety systems when needed.

Your teen is never alone behind the wheel. With OnStar, help is available 24/7 for her. If she ever needs emergency assistance, a well-qualified OnStar Advisor will get the help she needs. Many fender benders occur when parking in tight spaces or backing out of a parking space. The Trax's Rear View Camera will show your teen exactly what is behind her, thus helping her avoid other vehicles.

Atwood Chevrolet understands that sending your teen onto America’s highways is not the easiest thing to do emotionally. With the Chevrolet Trax, she will have within her controls technology that will help her practice good driving behaviors and contribute to her safety.


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